Fundraising and Ticket Sales For Round One Cabaret!

Please Help Support New Local Musical Theater

Jon Rosen, Director

The Quick Skinny!

I am directing a musical in November, the Round One Cabaret in San Francisco for Not Quite Opera Productions, and I'd love to have you come to see it! There are limited seats and performances so tickets will be scarce. There are varying ways you can purchase tickets at a range of price levels and you can also contribute to our KickStarter campaign and get your tickets plus some extra special goodies and know that you are contributing to a terrific arts-related production and company! Don't wait too long because with only four performances and just 50 seats per performance, we expect to sell out quickly!

Quick Links

Donate Using KickStarter: If you'd like to immediately donate from $1 to $100 via our KickStarter campaign (and for $50 and up, you will also receive a ticket for the show), please go to KickStarter Campaign.

Full-price Tickets: If you'd like to purchase full-price tickets from our online ticket sales agent (Brown Paper Tickets), please go to Full-price Ticket Sales.

Discount Tickets: If you'd like to purchase discounted tickets from our online ticket sales agent (Goldstar), please go to Discount Ticket Sales. Please purchase discount tickets only if you are really unable to afford full-price tickets. With only 200 seats for the entire run of the show, we only offer discount tickets so that most people can see the show regardless of their ability to pay.

Listen to the Music: If you would like to hear a short 6-minute set of selections from four of the songs in the show before reading more, please link to the following YouTube video: Listen To Music.

Not Quite Opera Website: If you would like more information on Round One Cabaret, please go to Not Quite Opera.

Full Disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure, even though I am directing this show, I am a complete volunteer, so none of your donations or ticket purchases will be used to fund a stipend or salary for my efforts. However, this is a professional-level company with excellent talent and the members of our ensemble as well as several other staff members (besides me) receive limited stipends for their work. No one is getting wealthy off of this production, of course, but it is appropriate to note that the performers are paid $30 a performance and our musicians, the musical director, and several members of our technical staff are paid as well. All other income is used to support the program, pay the rent, utilities, promotional costs and equipment upgrades to improve the theater. In the words of the famous song from Chorus Line, whether paid or not, everyone in this production can truly say that this show is "What I Did For Love".

All The Gory Details

I will be making my directorial re-debut in the Bay area with Not Quite Opera’s November production of Round One Cabaret, a revue of 20 marvelous songs from eight musical theater works in progress written by local Bay area composers and playwrights. My last Bay area directing efforts were HAiR in San Jose for Stagelight Productions and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for West Valley Light Opera in 2007, and I actually can't believe it's really been 5 years since I have done this for our community!

This is the first totally new musical theater work that I have directed, and although it is really a revue of songs as opposed to a book show, it does have a theme, "Taking Charge in A Crazy World". I am confident you will be delighted by the various musical styles and motifs that have been incorporated to provide a humorous and often thought-provoking evening of entertainment. The composers of the songs include Peter Alexander, Billie, Cox, Paul Frantz, Sandy Kasten, Richard Jennings, Bill Johnson, Allison Lovejoy, Michael Lunsford and Peter Master. Equally compelling are the talented members of the ensemble, including David Bicha, Helen Laroche, Jihan Sibar, Ernie Tovar, Rana Weber and Ted Zoldan.

Music direction as well as principal piano accompaniment is being handled by the incomparable Ben Prince who has music directed six productions for Ray of Light Theater in San Francisco, receiving the Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle award for his music direction of The Who’s Tommy. Ben is also well-known as one of the best open-mic accompanists at the famous Martuni’s on Market Street where you can catch him accompanying some of the best local singers on Sunday evenings at 9 PM. Assisting Ben on percussion will be none other than my son Garin, who is also known as the drummer for the globe-trotting heavy metal band Arsonists Get All The Girls. Garin is making his second appearance in a musical theater production I have directed (he was the substitute percussionist for my 2007 production of HAiR).

Because there are only four scheduled performances of the show and it is being presented in the extremely intimate Alcove Theater (the theater only officially seats 50 patrons for each performance) which is located at 414 Mason Street literally a block away from Union Square in San Francisco, there are a very limited number of tickets available. We expect tickets to sell quickly, so if you have any interest in seeing this outstanding production, I urge you to buy your tickets early.

There are several ways you can purchase tickets and also help support the growing Not Quite Opera company in its efforts to bring dynamic new musical theater to San Francisco:

KickStarter: We are conducting a KickStarter campaign with a modest $1,500 goal. There are four levels of contribution (although you may contribute any amount from $1 up). You may choose to make a Level 1 or 2 contribution of $5 or $25 which includes some "thank you" goodies as well as a listing in our program as a contributor. If you choose to make a $50 or $100 contribution via the KickStarter campaign, you will get, in addition to the various “goodies”, either one ($50) or two ($100) vouchers for tickets to the show. You will still need to call and reserve specific tickets for the show and you must do this as soon as possible so that you won’t have to worry about all of the seats being sold out (vouchers aren’t the same as tickets and so it is possible we could sell out even though you bought a voucher if you don’t exchanged it for a ticket quickly).

Brown Paper Tickets: You can buy a regularly priced ticket ($30) at Brown Paper Tickets. There is a small convenience fee of about $2 per ticket, but Not Quite Opera gets all of the ticket price (there are no additional fees charged to the company) and this is a very effective way to support the company and also see the production. Of course, there is no tax-deductible donation value for tickets purchased in this way.

Goldstar: If you want to see the show but the tickets are too expensive for you, you can also purchase tickets at Goldstar. This will save you (including the convenience fees) about $12 off of the regular ticket price. I want everyone who is interested in seeing this exciting show to see it, and this makes it a little more affordable for people on a limited entertainment budget.